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I recently saw the entire run of Alias and fell in love with the twisty spy show. Much of that was down to the central character of spy Sydney Bristow, played wonderfully by Jennifer Garner. The character is a phenomenal one and here are the reasons why:

Reason 1- She is the mistress of disguise:

sydney-bristowA lot of the fun of watching Alias was watching the disguises that Sydney would use when on dangerous and covert missions. They ran the gamut from classy to outrageous, though she looked amazing in all of them. Seriously, how many wigs did she wear throughout the run of the show? There are too many to count.

Reason 2- She is adept at getting out of sticky situations:

sydney-bristow-underwaterBad situations continually befall Sydney throughout Alias. She really shows a knack for getting out of these tough jams with prowess and fighting skills. If there is anyone you need to be cool under pressure and not crack, it is Sydney Bristow. Put her through torture, beatings or threats and she will still most of the time come out on top.

Reason 3- She is a polyglot:

In the spy game, knowing the lingo is key to concealing who you are. Sydney masterfully has a great command of many languages that helps her infiltrate enemy territory with guile and trickery.

Reason 4- She is an emotional person who is sympathetic:

sydney-cryingUnlike so many spies in films and television, Sydney actually has a heart and is pretty much just like everyone else. Only she has a more dangerous and eventful life than the average human. All of the events that happen to her show her as a person who while strong, still has vulnerability underneath it all. This is precisely one of the reason I responded to her as a character, her depth of humanity. Her character is a prime example of someone who goes through a lot of trauma, but has the resilience to survive.

Reason 5- She kicks major ass:

sydney-bristow-gifAs a spy, it is only natural that Sydney would know how to defend herself. Yet her fighting skills are something to behold. Sydney can brawl with the best of them, coming up against evil on a daily basis and locking horns with baddies. Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of her punches.