Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Film Title

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez


  • Mickey Rourke as Marv
  • Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan
  • Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy
  • Eva Green as Ava Lord
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny
  • Powers Boothe as Senator Roark
  • Rosario Dawson as Gail
  • Dennis Haysbert as Manute
  • Ray Liotta as Joey
  • Bruce Willis as Hartigan
  • Jamie Chung as Miho
  • Jaime King as Goldie/Wendy
  • Jeremy Piven as Bob
  • Christopher Meloni as Mort
  • Christopher Lloyd as Kroenig
  • Juno Temple as Sally
  • Lady Gaga as Bertha

Coming almost ten years after the startling original Sin City, this second installment had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, it doesn’t match its predecessor in many ways, but A Dame to Kill For is far from an all-out failure and does have its moments that need praise.

A Dame to Kill For takes the same narrative structure of the first movie, albeit with stories that serve as a prequel to those events that occurred in the original. These stories intertwine at many points along the way of the narrative structure. Sin City A Dame to Kill For PosterWe first of all have cocky slicker Johnny, who seems to have a lot of luck when it comes to winning in poker games. Arriving in the godforsaken town of the title, he takes on the corrupt Senator Roark in a game that he repeatedly wins. Roark doesn’t take to kindly to this showing of power from the young gambler and has his men violently sort him out. This in turn sets up many more brutal encounters between the two men in a battle of supremacy. The second story and prequel to the first movie, concerns Dwight McCarthy when he was a private detective, intent on not letting violent urges and temptation get in his way. Dwight finds himself caught in a seductive web, spun by the femme fatale Ava Lord. No matter how hard he tries to resist her, he can’t break the spell of the poisonous temptress. Ava and DwightShe brings him into a plot to kill her husband, by playing the part of the abused wife who needs protecting. Sure enough, the bewitched Dwight agrees and murders her unwitting husband. With her husband dispatched of, the cunning Ava leaves Dwight for dead. Good for Dwight is the fact that he has the brute Marv to help him and take him to the girls of Old Town, lead once again by the kick ass dominatrix Gail. The hookers shelter him and help him through reconstructive surgery alter his appearance, ready for revenge upon the eponymous dame for her betrayal. The last tale focuses on Nancy Callahan, who mourns the death of her protector Hartigan. Knowing that the reason he killed himself was because of the evil Roark, the exotic dancer slips into drunken madness and uncontrollable rage; plagued by hallucinations of Hartigan that warn her not to avenge him. Swearing revenge on the all-powerful Senator, she teams with a willing Marv in her attempt to kill the corrupt leader once and for all.

Visual style is very much on display throughout A Dame to Kill For, it’s just at times it doesn’t feel as fresh as it did in the first film. We do get some nifty visuals mind you( the sinister crimson of Ava’s lips and shining emerald eyes are a particular highlight) and the use of silhouettes is stunning to accentuate the smoky atmosphere of the town. There’s just a feeling of ‘been there done that’ about it that hangs over this movie. Johnny A Dame to Kill ForFrank Miller and Robert Rodriguez both bring style and action to the fray, but the structure isn’t as up to scratch as it once was and the movie suffers as a result. For example, certain parts of the stories are expanded upon enough and other times too much time is spent on one tale. Yet when the action does hit its height, it does deliver in blood-soaked fashion that is still quite electrifying. Once again, a sexy soundtrack that hark back to the shadows of Noir creates a good amount of intensity that provides interest.

Mickey Rourke once again delivers the goods as the brutish Marv, who is more than willing to help out a friend with business, especially if it involves blood, murder and violence. Rourke does get to show a tender side again, this time acting as the helper to the vengeful Nancy in her time of need. Nancy and MarvJessica Alba, though often the subject of debate as to her acting credentials, confounds expectations and brings sadness and aggression to the role of Nancy. Rather than just the sexy dancer from the first film, we get to see her as a broken down girl, shorn of hope but thirsty for revenge. Josh Brolin, portraying the character of Dwight before the reconstruction sported in the first movie, gives his part weariness as he navigates his way through violence, yet finds himself ensnared by the manipulative Ava. Eva Green is the definite showstopper in this movie, seductive and sinuous as she traps men with her beauty and brings pain to them. Ava LordSlinky and cunning, she is a poisonous viper who is adept at making people do her dirty work and then leaving them with the consequences. To say that Eva Green was smouldering and sexy in this movie would be a criminal understatement. Joseph Gordon-Levitt contributes youthful charm and cocky self-assurance as upstart Johnny, who tangles with the wrong man in the form of Senator Roark and pays the price. Power Boothe returning again brings malevolent sneakiness to Roark and exposes his ruthless, power-mad nature that knows no bounds once infuriated by others. Rosario Dawson, although unfortunately used in a reduced capacity, is still fierce and crafty as Gail. Dennis Haysbert has the physical stature and deep voice to make Manute a very physical and dangerous adversary, yet Ray Liotta in a role as another corrupt politician is somewhat wasted. The same can be said about Bruce Willis, who appears as Hartigan in Nancy’s hallucinations. He just isn’t given enough to do to make his appearance here memorable. Jamie Chung doesn’t make for a great replacement as assassin Miho; I believe Devon Aoki did a better job and had the stony faced intensity for the part which Chung lacks. Jaime King returns as twin prostitutes Wendy and Goldie, but scarcely makes an impact this time around. Jeremy Piven and Christopher Meloni make impressions as two cops investigating the murder of Ava’s husband; Piven is the one who is wary of the dame, whereas Meloni is the one who falls under the siren’s spell. Christopher Lloyd gives his part as a sinister doctor who helps Johnny after he is brutalised by Roark’s men. Lady Gaga Sin CityJuno Temple is wasted as a young prostitute saved by Dwight, while music fans should look out for a cameo by pop star Lady Gaga as a sympathetic waitress who takes pity on a wounded Johnny.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was never going to match the heights of the original movie, but it’s not as bad as people make out. It’s just not as thrilling as it could have been, despite its wealth of potential.


3 Year Blog Anniversary

3 Year AnniversaryExactly three years ago, I uploaded my first post on WordPress. I can’t believe how quick the time has gone and the brilliant reception that my blog has received from so many talented and wonderful people. All of you excellent bloggers with your positive feedback and constructive criticism have been a Godsend ever since I started the blog. I’m shocked and thrilled at the fact that it’s been three years, I mean I wasn’t sure my blog would last a year in the beginning. I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person on here, feeling like a part of a valued community that understands my opinions on movies. You guys who have contributed to the success of the blog, this post is a dedication to you. Thanks for absolutely everything and I hope that my blog continues to run for many years to come.

Question Of The Month: Make A Movie A TV Show


Thanks to Luke for letting me take part in Question of the Month. People you should read this post, some really cool ideas on it.

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

Movies are leaping over to TV quite regularly now. Hannibal is an outstanding success. Bates Motel is apparently a worthy entry to the Psycho canon. Other movies are considering it, even if some of them don’t sound too appealing. I still can’t see how Scream is going to work as a series. But I thought it would be fun if I asked my fellow bloggers what should be next. Therefore, everyone put some answers together – mostly Nolan movies – and below are their verdicts.


With Jurassic World coming up, fans all crowd into groups, reminiscing on what came before and wondering what the new movies will have in store for us. Instantly, we all jot down a mental list of what we want to see and what we think we should see. Please, bring the raptors back, but properly. Not the remastered ones…

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The Best Asses in the Business

After seeing that fellow blogging buddy Eric is the undisputed boob master and that Zobo is a fan of a pert bottom, I was christened with the title of ass master. Now I have to live up to that title as the expert is all things related to ass. So I decided to compile a list of the best asses in the entertainment business, 3 for women and 3 for men. So prepare for a post of pert, peachy and just all round amazing behinds of some of the hottest people in the business.

So up first are the ladies:

Kylie Minogue

No list of gorgeous bottoms would be complete without Kylie Minogue. The pint-sized superstar boasts one of the most recognizable behinds ever. A sexy woman already with her long legs and killer smile, he pert bottom is the icing on the top of the cake for many a music fan. And who can forget how she had pulses racing in those golden hot pants in the music video for her smash hit Spinning Around?


Beyoncé Knowles is one of my favourite singers. With the voice of an angel and devastating good looks, she’s an amazing entertainer in my book. And with her curvaceous booty that soon became her trademark, it’s not hard to see why she makes this list.

Scarlett Johansson

Beside from being one of the foxiest women on the planet, the delightful Scarlett Johannson boasts an incredible behind that has been shown off in multiple movies.


Matt Bomer gif

Matt Bomer makes hearts flutter with almost everything he does, but his peach of an ass is in many people’s book a rare piece of art. I can’t help but give him credit for his moneymaker which from the gif above he knows how to work to the best of his ability.

Chris Hemsworth Rush gifAs if being handsome and muscle-bound wasn’t enough for Chris Hemsworth, he also has a finely rounded ass to top that off. Lucky guy, some of us guys just wish for half of those things and never get them.

Liam Hemsworth gifHaving a fine ass seems to run in the family if this gif of Liam Hemsworth is anything to go by.

The Wicker Man

Film Title

The Wicker Man


Robin Hardy


  • Edward Woodward as Sergeant Neil Howie
  • Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle
  • Britt Ekland as Willow MacGregor
  • Diane Cilento as Miss Rose
  • Ingrid Pitt as the Librarian

A seminal work of British horror, The Wicker Man stands as an unusual and highly chilling film cloaked in mystery, eroticism and spellbinding strangeness.

Sergeant Neil Howie journeys to the island of Summerisle, located in the Hebrides. He is there to investigate the disappearance of a young girl by the name of Rowan Morrison. Sergeant HowieYet upon his arrival on the island, many of the townsfolk deny knowledge of the young girl ever existing. Howie, a devout Christian, is further appalled by the Pagan beliefs of the residents and is in full dismay of their liberated activities such as copulating in fields, children learning about phallic symbols in school and worshiping God’s of nature. An immediate clash of ideas becomes very apparent as Howie discovers proof that there was a Rowan Morrison and that the various tales from the uncooperative folk are merely to put him off the scent of something sinister. Continuing his search, he comes up against opposition in the form of Lord Summerisle, an oily but charismatic leader of the people and is teased by the seductive Willow, the daughter of the landlord of the inn Howie stays in while investigating the increasingly strange and very mysterious case. This battle of beliefs ultimately sets in motion the build up to a horrifying climax on the May Day celebrations as a result of Howie’s unwillingness to accept the islanders way of thinking.

The first thing to notice about The Wicker Man is that while it is a horror film, it is one of the atypical variety. Instead of senseless gore and blood flowing, it relies on the horror of the things unfamiliar to us and the unusual customs of the islanders. Lord Summerisle The Wicker ManFrom the very beginning, we can see that the beliefs of the townsfolk are somewhat different from anything we’ve seen before. This also helps with the clash of religions that becomes very apparent with the arrival of Howie, whose obstinate belief in God makes him unable to accept any other belief whatsoever. The fact that The Wicker Man is set predominately during the daytime also adds to the eeriness of the piece, as it is the time when most people feel safe and free from harm. By setting most of the film in daylight, director Robin Hardy has added an extra layer of eccentricity to an already bizarre but enthralling mysterious branch of horror. Hardy perfectly paces The Wicker Man as a slow burning horror, that doesn’t rely on jump scares or flowing of blood, but instead gradually rises up with mystery and creepiness towards an unforgettable climax that will linger for a long time in the memory of viewers. There is a lyrical eye to detail throughout this film that captures the stunning scenery of the island, but basks it in an enigmatic and spellbinding glow of something a lot more sinister beneath the surface. The extremely memorable folk score provided adds another touch of hypnotizing glory to The Wicker Man, bringing us the beliefs of the people and nature yet also filling the songs and various lilting lullabies with symbolism and bristling eroticism.

Edward Woodward excellently plays the pious Howie, whose investigation is complicated by the islander’s evasive attitude and his disturbance at seeing their various beliefs that are at odds with his cloistered doctrines. In a sense, Howie is our eyes and ears at bringing us the unusual beliefs of the people and exposing his obstinate attitude towards them. Woodward is wonderfully effective in the role and manages to make Howie a complex character to watch. Christopher Lee is perfectly cast as Lord Summerisle, and he imbues the island leader with charm, witty intelligence and underlying menace. The Wicker Man WillowBritt Ekland brings slinky sex appeal to the role of the libidinous Willow, whose erotic singing and dancing in the nude in an attempt to lure the virginal Howie into her carnal bed represents one of the more sensual and bizarre highlights of the picture. Diane Cilento and Ingrid Pitt bring enigmatic life to their characters of school teacher/ priestess and evasive librarian.

Unusual, provocative and altogether an unforgettable experience, The Wicker Man is a film that will haunt your dreams from its interesting opening to jaw-dropping finale.


My Fourth Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger AwardMy amazing blogging buddy James has nominated me for my fourth versatile blogger award. I want to thank him personally for bestowing the award upon my blog. James runs a particularly cool site that everyone should check out if they get the chance. Anyway back to the award. I must choose 15 blogs to give the award to and list 10 facts about myself.

Here are the 15 nominees:

  1. Emma
  2. The IPC
  3. Film Fetishist
  4. The Creative Fox Den
  5. The Vern’s Video Vortex
  6. Reut
  7. Fernando Rafael
  8. By Hook or By Book
  9. Epileptic Moondancer
  10. Marta
  11. Gareth Rhodes
  12. Keith
  13. Zoe
  14. The Verbal Spew Review 
  15. Abbi

So there are my lucky nominees for the award. Now onto the 10 facts about myself.

  1. I really want to get a tattoo, I just can’t decide on the design for it.
  2. I often write a lot of my reviews in the nude, I find it to be quite liberating.
  3. I’m the person in a group who will always think of some sort of innuendo to say, no matter how dirty it is.
  4. 19 is my lucky number.
  5. My shoe size is size 12.
  6. In school, I was often one of the tallest in most of my classes.
  7. I’ve been told I’m a good dancer, but I’m not so sure.
  8. I have vivid dreams quite a lot.
  9. If a DVD has bonus features, I will watch all of them.
  10. I often need a cup of tea to wake me up in the morning.

More Gorgeous Ladies

This installment of the Ladies series is all about the suggestions from my fellow bloggers, as well as a few of my own choices. So prepare for one sexy post of stunning ladies and hunky dudes.

First up we have the gorgeous Natalie Portman, in a sexy shot especially for James.

Keri Russell

Here we have the curly-haired and stunningly beautiful Keri Russell for Marcko Guy.

Rachel Nichols

It’s clear to see why the smoldering sexuality of Rachel Nichols so captivates Eric.

And now some handsome lads for everyone.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln is on seductive display with his blue eyes and intense gaze for Zoe.

Cillian Murphy

The dark hair, full lips and piercing eyes are all that Cillian Murphy needs to make him a crush for Emma.

Scott EastwoodThe strength and macho virility of Scott Eastwood clearly make him someone who Fernando likes.