A Post for Fraggle


Fraggle has been one of my great supporters over the years and I highly value her friendship. So in true Vinnie style, I decided to do a post for her featuring the men she loves.



Sorry For the Lack of Reviews


I wanted to quickly say sorry for the lack of reviews on here. Other things have come up and with the weather being nice, I’ve been relaxing outside. So don’t fear as I will be back very soon with content.

My Bucket List


Now before anyone asks, no I’m not dying or seriously ill. When I say bucket list, it’s all the things I want to do. It was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend the other day that had nothing to do with death. Anyway, I think we all have those things that we want to do in life. My list hopefully is fun for you:

  • I want to visit Brazil for the carnival
  • I want to get a body piercing
  • I want to purchase an Aston Martin
  • I want to meet someone famous
  • I want to meet at least one of my followers in person

So what do you think?

Great Motivation


I’m not the most easy person to motivate. But lately, I’ve really been feeling a lot more positive about things. And I’ve also been following The Kilted Coaches on YouTube. They’ve been really good in getting me motivated and into some form of shape. These guys are witty, down to Earth and very informative and I know you’ll love them. Their enthusiasm and positivity are infectious.



6 Year Blog Anniversary


Today my blog turns six years old. Time has gone so quickly and I’m still letting it sink in that my blog has been going this long. I have to thank each and every follower and supporter of my blog. You are truly the very best and I couldn’t do it without you all. So join me in the celebration of this anniversary, you all deserve praise. I’m forever in your debt because you’ve been so magnificent.