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Film Title

Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Alexander Witt


  • Milla Jovovich as Alice
  • Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine
  • Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Timothy Cain
  • Jared Harris as Dr Charles Ashford
  • Mike Epps as L.J.

Like its predecessor, Resident Evil: Apocalypse is not a film of originality, character development or thought provocation. What it succeeds on is its non-stop action, fierce battles and Milla Jovovich back as the vengeful, kick ass Alice. It is for lack of a better word, a great popcorn movie.  Resident Evil Apocalypse Zombies

Days after the infection of the Hive, the Umbrella Corporation decides to send in a research team. As soon as it is opened, the many ravenous zombies inside escape, killing the crew and beginning to spreading disease round Racoon City. The city is turned into a death-riddled necropolis as a result. Alice, the heroine from the previous venture, has survived as well. After being captured by the corrupt Umbrella Corporation, she was experimented on, giving her superhuman reflexes and agility. She finds the city empty and arms herself. After an outbreak of disease at the only point of reaching safety is released, Umbrella forces the citizens to fend for themselves as they have a plan of their own. Banding together with tough Jill Valentine and renegade Umbrella soldier Carlos, they attempt to survive the ensuring carnage and bring down the corrupt Umbrella. Meanwhile, they must also rescue a young girl, who is the daughter of a prominent worker of Umbrella who is starting to rebel. Prepare for shoot-em-up battles, fierce babes and kinetic editing, as the race for survival swings into motion.

Resident Evil Apocalypse AliceOn the negative side, the pacing could have been handled a little better in comparison with the last movie. The action also takes a little too long to start, but when it begins, it really delivers. Also, the main villain of the film, Timothy Cain is not really used well enough to make him appear evil. When the film hits the action heights, the positives come thick and fast. Firstly, we have Milla Jovovich back as the warrior Alice, now better equipped and capable of almost anything. Sienna Guillory adds to the kick-ass females as the highly skilled Jill, who reluctantly teams with Alice despite initial misgivings. Oded Fehr makes his character more interesting than he could have been and Mike Epps adds comic relief as the wise-cracking L.J. In a small role, Jared Harris is the scientist who helps guide this band of survivors through dangerous ground, corruption and ravenous carnage.

The battle scenes are well-executed and very much in touch with the video game roots of the series. SpeciaResident Evil Apocalypse Carlos and Alicel effects are cleverly used on the zombies and a particularly creepy monster, with a personal link to Alice. Although not as visually impressive as the first one, many scenes stick in the memory. This includes a particularly eerie hideout scene in a church with zombies attempting entry and genetically modified creatures stalking the walls. Also, Alice being targeted by soldiers and running through a highly armed compound as her flexible moves evade the guards.

For bullet-ridden, blood soaked action/horror, you can’t go wrong with this offering from first time director Alexander Witt . It may not be my favourite, but it’s still an action packed, unadulterated way to spend a few hours.