Blogging CommunityI couldn’t do this blog without the constant support of all of you wonderful followers. You have made my confidence grow and reach new levels. So I decided to start a series of posts telling other bloggers of the blogs they should follow. I hope everyone enjoys this. Here are the first three blogs you should follow.

Emma Explains All: Emma is a lovely blogger of varied interests who never fails to entertain. Her wit and candour is unprecedented and so likable. Her blog is a true cavalcade of amazing entries.

Isaacs Picture Conclusion: Eric runs a kick ass site that is full of laughs and boobs. If that’s not a great combination, I don’t know what is. His annual Shitfest is stoked full of fun and Eric just brings so much energy to his blog.

By Hook or By Book: Fabulous Kim runs this blog in which she writes about the books she has read and media. She is the queen of gifs, infusing her work with fun and very stylish images that always bring a smile to your face.

And there will be plenty more posts like this coming on my blog to pay back all the wonderful people for their undying support.