Everyone out there, please read this review by loyal blogging sister Emma. It’s the perfect balance of humour and raunchy.

emmakwall (explains it all)

Magic Mike XXL picks up three years after the original movie and Mike (Channing Tatum) is out of the stripping game and running a furniture business. But life doesn’t always go according to plan and after speaking to old stripping pal Tarzan (Kevin Nash) Mike is tempted out for one last shebang with the Kings of Tampa.


So this isn’t a movie to be taken too seriously. It’s about male strippers for fuck’s sake – a subject that even in real life is often met with laughter. If you spy a leather-clad crotch gyrating to 80s rock music you can consider it a success. And when else could you say that?! At a Bon Jovi concert maybe but that’s the limit.

The plot is pretty thin and the story basically revolves around the guys driving to a stripper convention to shake their tallywackers. On the way they stop off at various places to drink booze and cheer up women. So it’s…

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