Liebster AwardAnd yet another award. Wow my shelf is piling up with these gongs, I’m going to need a bigger set of shelves. The fabulous Sherise has passed onto me my fifth Liebster Award. I just so feel so honored receiving all of these awards from the community. Sherise runs an outstanding blog that is amazing to read.

Now I must answer the questions she has asked me in order to complete this award. So here goes:

  1. Rocket or Groot? That would have to be Groot.
  2. What is your most unique quality? What can you do or what do you have that no one else does? (Does that make sense?) I can remember almost word for word every official song for a James Bond.
  3. Choose one of these actors to marry, one to fuck, one to kill and one to just ignore: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Pine. This is going to be a hard question to answer. If I had to answer I would say Chris Pine to marry, Chris Hemsworth to fuck, Chris Pratt to kill and Chris Evans to ignore.
  4. What was the last television show you binge watched? I actually currently binge watching Charmed.
  5. Where would you like to travel to the most? Rome, such a beautiful and cultural city of history.
  6. Goodfellas or The Godfather? The Godfather as it is my all-time favourite movie.
  7. Robert Deniro or Al Pacino? Tough decision, I really couldn’t decide as they are both amazing actors who I respect.
  8. What is the one movie that makes you feel great every time you watch it? Probably The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as it shows how you can survive despite prejudice just by the kindness of one person seeing past your differences.

Now for my five nominations.

  1. Movie Blort
  2. Away From The Noise
  3. Nuwan Sen
  4. Killing Time
  5. Callum McLaughlin

And now here are the eight questions for my nominees:

  1. What made you decide to start writing a blog?
  2. A night out with friends or a movie night in?
  3. Buffy or Charmed?
  4. What is favourite item of clothing?
  5. Who is your favourite actress if you had to choose just one?
  6. How do you follow news around the world?
  7. What is the most disturbing film you have ever seen?
  8. Are you get up and go person or someone who needs to be motivated?