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A few months back, I uploaded a suggestions page so that all you amazing followers could contribute ideas for future posts. An interesting one came from the fabulous Melissa, she suggested I do a post on my movie guilty pleasures. Movies that are just rot and are so bad, but I can’t help but love.

So here’s five of my shameful guilty pleasures:

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie's Angels

Thin plot? Check. Cheesy lines? Check. Babes in hot outfits? Definite Check. The motion picture reboot of the sassy trio of females fighting crime has a story about as interesting as watching a snail cross the room. But somehow, the hot chicks kicking ass, barely there outfits and pop soundtrack always makes this flick a soft spot for me.

The Reaping

The Reaping Poster

This derivative horror movie attempts to blend spooky horror with religious prophecies. Yet it turns out completely illogical in the end and the actors here are slumming it big time. Despite this, there is something I found compelling about the bayou atmosphere and strange music.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil

I’ve written about Resident Evil before on this blog and I remember describing it as a popcorn movie. It isn’t a film that engages the head or mind, it just delivers full-on action and horror. It’s not going to be remembered as a seminal work of cinema, but it works as a popcorn movie.

D.O.A: Dead or Alive


Yet another flick of scantily clad honeys kicking ass and showing off their moves, D.O.A : Dead or Alive is the definition of guilty pleasure in my book.



This urban dance movie has a story that is just saccharine rubbish. Yet I can’t deny the dancing is good and Jessica Alba is stunning throughout.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this list of guilty pleasures.