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Today is the 35th birthday of Christina Ricci, who ranks as one of my favourite actresses and one who I always think is very underrated, considering her many outstanding performances throughout the years. Christina RicciWith her large eyes, petite frame, dark hair and expressive face, Christina Ricci possesses a charm, kookiness and maturity that she imbues in her work, that helped her transition from child actress to adult star with relative ease. I love how her work in movies is so fearless and her willingness to play dark and unconventional characters. She never seems to go for the safe option in movies, no role seems too out there or to edgy for her and I respect her for that. Listing her amazing credits is a hard task but here are some of the best moments from her career that come to my mind when I think of her:


Debuting in Mermaids and acting alongside MermaidsCher and Winona Ryder, as a wannabe Olympic Swimmer in a kooky and dysfunctional family, Ricci made an impression.



As the morbidly fascinated Wednesday Addams in the big screen adaptation of Wednesday AddamsThe Addams Family, Ricci found her niche for playing dark and unusual characters.



As the lonely young girl who befriends a benevolent ghost after moving into an old and creepy old house in Casper.Casper







As the sleazy, vindictive and alluring runaway bitch who wreaks havoc on many lives, The Opposite of SexRicci’s performance in The Opposite of Sex helped her make the transition to adult roles.




As the romantic yet enigmatic witch in the fantasy horror Sleepy Hollow, Katrina Sleepy HollowRicci’s Gothic beauty and kookiness came in handy.




As the outcast lesbian lover of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the emotionally devastating Monster, Monster Christina RicciRicci turned in an effective performance opposite Charlize Theron.




Exuding raw pain, unrestrained anger and deep vulnerability, Black Snake MoanRicci contributed a no holds barred performance as a nymphomaniac in Black Snake Moan.



All I have left to say is, Happy Birthday Christina Ricci.