Even though my blog primarily focuses on movies, I sometimes like to talk about other things of a serious nature. So today, I’m talking to all the male followers of my blog about testicular cancer. I feel that every guy out there should check themselves daily just to see if there is any difference in their testicles.Β I had a scare a few years back that thankfully wasn’t anything too serious, but ever since I’ve been sure to check for any lumps and bumps. It’s better being safe than sorry in my book. So all you guys out there, please check for any changes in your balls and even if it turns out to be nothing, visit your doctor just to be certain. It’s a simple task that may just save your life. I’m glad that I went to the doctor all those years ago as it made me more vigilant. The way I see it, be clever like these guys below who protect their middle stump and support men checking regularly. For those who don’t know who these guys are, they are English cricketers who posed for this photo to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Check Your Balls