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I recalled the other day that my last post on movie nudity got a lot of attention and interesting opinions. So I decided it would be good to delve into the subject of cinematic nudity once. This time around, I’m asking which actors and actresses appear to strip off a lot in their movies? If I had a body like some of the top stars, I’m sure I’d be fine getting naked on screen. But I digress, I will now mention the stars that in my opinion, seem very comfortable in taking it off for the screen.

Ewan McGregor:Ewan McGregor

This guy appears very at ease with his body and is more than willing to be seen on celluloid in the buff.

Julianne Moore:Julianne Moore

The beautiful and hugely talented Miss Moore is also comfortable on doing nude scenes with a tastefulness and honesty.

Kate Winslet:

Kate WinsletElegance, supreme acting chops and confidence fill Kate Winslet, who has done many a nude scene and had no difficulty shedding clothes for the camera.

Matthew McConaughey:

Matthew McConaughey PictureI’ll admit if I had a body like this guy, I wouldn’t feel the need to wear a shirt ever. I mean just look at the guy.

Helen Mirren: Helen Mirren

A classy lady and marvellous actress, Helen Mirren has never shied away from going nude, only recently saying she’s retired her body from the screen.

So do you agree with my choices? Or do you think there are other stars who parade on screen in the buff.