Aaron and Jonathan over at Husband and Husband kindly asked me to write a piece about somewhere I’ve encountered in the past that was haunted or had something unexplained in it. This is all for the build up to Halloween, so I hope you enjoy the creepy and true story I’m about to tell.

This story takes place in my childhood home, which I nicknamed Sycamore House. It was a cold Halloween night and I was around the age of 12. Trick or treating had finished and everything was winding down as masks were removed, costumes were put away for another year and candy was counted by my brother and I. It was then when heading upstairs that I realised that my dog was missing. Scouring the house for her, the whole family consisting of my brother, my mother, my father and I, we couldn’t find her. My mother and father assured me that the dog would be fine and that she would turn up After watching a rather gruesome horror movie for which I was way too young to view, I crept into bed as the wind whistled outside. It was around 11:00 when I was awoken by a strange moaning that came from downstairs. Exiting the warmth of my bed and armed with my camera, I flicked the landing light on to illuminate downstairs. There was nothing there, but a strange scratching at the front door. I dared not go down and see what it was for fear of something terrible. The photo below is one I took when looking from the top of the stairs as the scratching subsided. I ran to bed and buried myself beneath the covers, completely terrified.

Sinister Stairs

It wasn’t until the next morning that I felt a licking across my face. I opened my eyes to find my beloved dog on my bed. I later learned that she had got stuck in next doors garden and had found shelter in their shed. But that didn’t explain the moaning or the scratching for the front door. As my dog was stuck in the house behind that backed onto my house, there was no possibility of her being able to get to the front of my house. To this day I still don’t know what the noise was and it still leaves me wondering what it was all those years ago. Some people may dismiss my story as just the workings of a child’s mind but I know there was something there.