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This installment of the Ladies series is all about the suggestions from my fellow bloggers, as well as a few of my own choices. So prepare for one sexy post of stunning ladies and hunky dudes.

First up we have the gorgeous Natalie Portman, in a sexy shot especially for James.

Keri Russell

Here we have the curly-haired and stunningly beautiful Keri Russell for Marcko Guy.

Rachel Nichols

It’s clear to see why the smoldering sexuality of Rachel Nichols so captivates Eric.

And now some handsome lads for everyone.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln is on seductive display with his blue eyes and intense gaze for Zoe.

Cillian Murphy

The dark hair, full lips and piercing eyes are all that Cillian Murphy needs to make him a crush for Emma.

Scott EastwoodThe strength and macho virility of Scott Eastwood clearly make him someone who Fernando likes.