The Versatile Blogger AwardMy amazing blogging buddy James has nominated me for my fourth versatile blogger award. I want to thank him personally for bestowing the award upon my blog. James runs a particularly cool site that everyone should check out if they get the chance. Anyway back to the award. I must choose 15 blogs to give the award to and list 10 facts about myself.

Here are the 15 nominees:

  1. Emma
  2. The IPC
  3. Film Fetishist
  4. The Creative Fox Den
  5. The Vern’s Video Vortex
  6. Reut
  7. Fernando Rafael
  8. By Hook or By Book
  9. Epileptic Moondancer
  10. Marta
  11. Gareth Rhodes
  12. Keith
  13. Zoe
  14. The Verbal Spew Reviewย 
  15. Abbi

So there are my lucky nominees for the award. Now onto the 10 facts about myself.

  1. I really want to get a tattoo, I just can’t decide on the design for it.
  2. I often write a lot of my reviews in the nude, I find it to be quite liberating.
  3. I’m the person in a group who will always think of some sort of innuendo to say, no matter how dirty it is.
  4. 19 is my lucky number.
  5. My shoe size is size 12.
  6. In school, I was often one of the tallest in most of my classes.
  7. I’ve been told I’m a good dancer, but I’m not so sure.
  8. I have vivid dreams quite a lot.
  9. If a DVD has bonus features, I will watch all of them.
  10. I often need a cup of tea to wake me up in the morning.