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I decided to post another article on the Queen of Pop as my last ones proved popular. Today’s question is which is your favourite ballad released by her? Although she is primarily known as a pop and dance artist, she has had her fair share of ballads that show another side to her. Whatever your choice please give it and the reason why. Soon I will be posting articles on another artist of my choice.

In case anyone is racking their brains trying to think of a ballad, here are the one’s I like;

Take a bow– A sombre tune that uses the theatre and masquerade as the way to tell the story of a painful break up.

Bad girl– One of her most underrated ballads, this one accompanied by sweeping strings and heartbroken vocals tells of a women’s self-destructive behaviour as a result of unrequited love.

This used to be my playground– A melancholy number about childhood memories and the past, this has one of her best vocal performances.