pumpkinI do so love doing a questionnaire. Hearing the diverse and intriguing opinions of all of you makes my blogging worthwhile. So today, I present you with a horror movie questionnaire. Below are ten questions pertaining to the spooky genre that I would love to see you answer. There is no pressure to answer if you don’t want to. So here goes:

  1. What is the first scary movie you recall watching?
  2. What for you is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
  3. Which sub-genre of horror is your favourite?( psychological/slasher/ comedy horror are just some to choose from)
  4. What does a horror movie need for you to enjoy it?
  5. Are there any horror movies you really detest?
  6. What is the sexiest scene you have witnessed in a horror movie?
  7. Who is your favourite antagonist in a horror movie?
  8. Is there any director that for you symbolizes the best in horror cinema?
  9. Blood and gore or creepy atmosphere?
  10. And finally, what do you think so far of my horror coverage this month?