I read the other week that The Godfather celebrates its 45th Anniversary year. It inspired me to do this kind of post. Anyone who knows me will be aware of my love for The Godfather, it is after all my favourite movie. I can’t wax lyrical enough about the iconic classic, charting the lives of the Corleone family, that has influenced so many things after it and become a monument of film making. So I thought it interesting to do a post covering the full trilogy. Part II is a masterwork that is up there with the first one on every level. The third one may get heat and does suffer in comparison, but I don’t believe it’s as bad as many make out. There are simply so many moments from the trilogy, directed by the fantastic Francis Ford Coppola and boasting a simply outstanding cast. So I ask you all, which moments really stick out for you in The Godfather Trilogy? I know it’s a difficult question because there’s so many parts to choose from, but please give an answer. I’d love to discuss this amazing trilogy with you all.