liebster 11I’ve just been nominated for my eleventh Liebster Award, courtesy of the fabulous Wee Me. Her site is one of my newest discoveries and it rocks so much I am so thankful to her for this. These awards are great to get and I just always feel the love from everyone when I get one.

And now I will answer the questions she has set me in order to accept the award, which will be followed by 11 random facts about me, then my list of nominees and questions for them.

  1. How did you choose the name for your blog? I combined my first name with the initial of my last name.
  2. How did you decide on the subject of your blog? It originally started as a college project where I had to write about something I was passionate about. The rest is history.
  3. If you could choose a film to be reviewed in this blog which one would you choose? The Godfather would be my choice.
  4. Why? Because it’s my favourite movie.
  5. Which of my film reviews would you pass onto a friend if you wanted them to see the film with you? I would say her review of Die Hard.
  6. Why? Because it was so eloquently written and made me want to watch it again
  7. Which of my TV  reviews would you pass onto a friend if you wanted them to watch the program with you? Her review of Outlander.
  8. Why? The humour in it was sublime.
  9. If you could move anywhere as an expat where would you move? I would have to say Rome.
  10. Why? Every time I visit the place, I find something new
  11. Final question… What 3 tips would you give for a first time blogger? Be yourself, write what you are passionate about and believe in yourself.

Now for 11 random facts about me:

  1. In my opinion, the best part of my body is my butt.
  2. I am something of an old romantic.
  3. I don’t believe in perfection.
  4. I love getting postcards from most of the places I’ve been on holiday.
  5. I once met an Everton player.
  6. I can be somewhat lazy when it comes to exercise.
  7. I believe that everyone is intelligent about a certain subject, whether it be academic or not.
  8. I love horror movies, but anything to do with eye mutilation creeps me out.
  9. I have never been to a nude beach but would love to try it.
  10. Apples are my favourite fruit.
  11. One of my front teeth is slightly crooked but I won’t have it changed because it is a defining feature.

Here are my five nominees:

  1. Martin P Wilson
  2. Jeroen
  3. Alex
  4. Russel 
  5. Cici 

And finally my questions for these excellent nominees.

  1. Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
  2. Have you ever met a famous actor or actress?
  3. Do you consider yourself a talented dancer?
  4. Have you ever skinny dipped before?
  5. What is your birthstone?
  6. What movie, no matter how many times you watch it, makes you cry?
  7. Who is your favourite author?
  8. Are you a person who sleeps for a long time or rises early?
  9. What is your favourite holiday?
  10. Are you a horror movie fan?
  11. And finally, describe what you think of my blog with five adjectives.