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With my Ladies posts currently proving popular, I’ve been asking people who they would like featured in these posts. As I was chatting to Eric over at the IPC, he enlightened me on some of the women he wanted to see featured, and also a few man crushes. Β So I decided to feature a post of them.

Diora BairdΒ First up we have the seductive Diora Baird for Eric, and it’s not hard to see why he likes her, she is stunning.

Olivia Wilde

The absolutely gorgeous Olivia Wilde is another feature on Eric’s choices of beautiful women.

Marley SheltonIt’s clear to see that Eric is bewitched by the stunning beauty of Marley Shelton, especially in this photo.

Now for Eric’s man crushes, which I’m sure everyone viewing this post can appreciate. We have Matthew McConaughey, Ron Swanson and Timothy Olyphant.

Matthew McConaughey

Ron Swanson

Timothy Olyphant