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For my second entry into the blogathon after Sea Wife, I took it upon myself to review the movie known as The Stud.

Film Title

The Stud


Quentin Masters


  • Joan Collins as Fontaine Khaled
  • Oliver Tobias as Tony Blake
  • Sue Lloyd as Vanessa Grant

The Stud is basically a soft core fantasy from a book by Jackie Collins, with no basis in reality and a let down in case of what it promises, Joan Collins at least provides some respite with a role similar to what we generally think of when her name is mentioned.

Fontaine Khaled is the beautiful wife of a wealthy businessman, who enjoys sex a lot and frequently with the manager of her nightclub. This man is Tony Blake, the eponymous stud, who can’t resist her and keeps coming back to satisfy. Fontaine knows how to play Tony like a fiddle and enjoys toying with him for her own delight. Tony also wants to start his own club, but never seems to succeed with it. While sleeping with other women, he is mostly on hand to supply the pleasure for his boss. However, Tony has grown tired of Fontaine and turns his attentions to her stepdaughter Vanessa, who resents her stepmother. Yet Fontaine is crafty and is perfectly adept at turning Tony’s life upside down when needed. Things obviously don’t turn out in a tidy fashion for Tony.

Quentin Masters contributes a muddled direction that does nothing to help the already labored movie. He can’t decide whether he wants the film to be sleazy or make a point about the lifestyles of the jet set crowd. Masters could have done better, especially as the story(what there is of it) is largely about the sex and not much else. The confusion also abounds in the visual style that is at times high key and then too dimly lit. It might have been better to just stick to one thing and not try to be something that it isn’t. The Stud is pretty laughable if it is attempting to say something, as the dialogue is stilted and unconvincingly clunky. While scenes of naughtiness are featured, but you expect more from an erotic movie than what’s presented. Yes the orgy scene is completely crazy and the lift sex is hot, but it can all feel frightfully dull. And that is one thing you don’t want with an erotic movie. The disco/funk score is pretty cool however and the various club scenes have a lot of energy and groove to them. It may smell of kitsch, but the music will get your foot tapping if nothing else.

What brings The Stud to some level of guilty pleasure is Joan Collins. This revitalised her career and established her as the go to lady for sassy and sexy vamps. Collins has this wicked gleam in her eyes and sexual energy that transcends the trite story here. Plus, she is completely comfortable with being revealing and not hiding her body, looking effortlessly fabulous and seductive throughout. Without Joan Collins, The Stud would simply be unwatchable. Oliver Tobias, while possessing a handsome face, is pretty flat and wooden as the supposed charmer. It’s pretty hard to believe that so many women fall at his feet, especially when his work is so lifeless and lacking any vigorous sexuality. Sue Lloyd is also beautiful to look at, but pretty bland in the scale of things. The main feature and the best one is Joan Collins.

No one will think of The Stud as something deep or at all plausible( it’s hardly even a good movie), but the presence of Joan Collins at her sexy, devious best is what makes it at least bearable.