I enjoyed doing the last post like this and the feedback of it. In case anyone missed it, you can find it here. My love for things is pretty unending but I’ll narrow it down to some specifics as best I can.

I love my followers. The blogging community has been superb to me and I owe so much to you all. You’re a constant hub of love, opinions and conversation that never grows old. Thank you everyone for your support and care.

I love sex. Hopefully that didn’t come off as too creepy for everyone, but sex is a natural and beautiful thing. It’s an experience that combines physical and mental stimulation, plus pleasure. How can you go wrong?

I love the glamour of Old Hollywood movies. There’s a special kind of dedication and magic that’s impossible to recapture in anything modern. I can’t explain it, but there’s something exceptional and timeless about the great movies of the post.

I love to dance. Not ballroom or anything, just regular dance. Ever since I can remember, dancing has been something I revisit and enjoy. Now I’m no professional, but I’ve been told I can bust a move pretty well.