The saying goes that you can often get an inkling of someone through their writing. I do believe in this sentiment, but I’ve often wondered what impression my writing gives. Which is precisely why I decided to ask you all today, what is the impression of me you get from what I write on here? Does my personality shine through.ย Whatever your opinion, I welcome it. Below are some things that people who know me often describe me as or attribute to me;

  • I’m tall and particularly skinny
  • I can be quite shy when first meeting someone.
  • Once I’m at ease, I’m often difficult to shut up.
  • I care deeply about those closest to me.
  • I am the king of doing whatever it takes to avoid things I don’t like.
  • I have a cute bum.
  • I’m very loyal as a friend.
  • I can relate almost any situation to something filmic or cinematic.

And as I feel like being nice a photo of myself.

And on a side note, I promise that the next few days will be dedicated to catching up with all your blogs. Just had some busy stuff I’ve had to deal with. Fear not, I haven’t forgotten any of you.