After reaching 3000 followers on here, I’m in a very caring and thankful mood to everyone. Especially because blogging has really inspired my confidence and openness. So I thought it best to share some of the things I love, which will hopefully give more of an insight into me.

I love movies. That’s pretty much a given considering my content on here, but I simply Β adore the filmic world. There’s a certain magic that can’t be replicated in anything Β else. You all know what I mean?

I love my family’s so much. They have been there for me no matter what and its invaluable. I wouldn’t be the man I was today without them.

I love women. Obviously I think women are beautiful, but I love women in general for their determination and their spirit. Women have been through a hell of a lot and deserve love and respect for their achievements.

I love being naked. I’m sure you all know this, but I do like being without clothes. I never used to be this confident, but as I’ve grown, the clothes have just come off.

Anything else anyone wants to know? I’m an open book.