As my final post regarding the iconic Godfather Trilogy, I wanted to make this an important one. I ask you today, what is it about the trilogy that really makes it something outstanding? There is so much good flowing through these movies and I want to know which areas make them classics to you. What is it about the movies that really makes a deep impact on you? Is it the gorgeous cinematography and tragic story? Or the themes of betrayal, honour and family so effectively realised by Francis Ford Coppola? Whatever the case may be, please give your opinions as I’d love to discuss this striking trilogy with anyone. It’s been a pleasure doing these posts the last few days and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Below is a stunning video I found that celebrates the Trilogy in all it’s glory. Caution, the video may have spoilers if you haven’t seen the movies.

After this, it’s back to my movie reviews once more as I’m finally settling into my new home.