recessThe other day, a friend and I were discussing television shows that we watched as kids and reflected on. It got me thinking about all of the stuff I watched as a child. Today, I’m talking of one of my favourites from childhood, Recess. The Disney show that shaped my younger years, I have fond memories of watching this amusing show. The basic premise was of a group of elementary school kids and the adventures they’d get up to, primarily at recess. The group consisted of rebellious T.J, tomboy Spinelli, sporty Vince, smart Gretchen, gentle giant Mikey and awkward army brat Gus. The show focused on life on the playground, which in this case had its own class structure and even a king. Watching it as a kid and the show being from a child’s point of view endeared it to me so much and I do look back on watching the show with good memories. The feelings of fun watching Recess were second to none as the gang hot into all sorts of trouble and misadventures. I hope you enjoyed reading my reflection on Recess and how it was one of my go to television shows as a child.