I enjoyed the response on my last horror questionnaire, so I went forth and did another one for all of you out there. I love hearing your opinions on movies, as you promote good discussion and debate. You guys rock! Anyhow, back to the horror questions which I know will all give you something to talk about.

  1. If you were to direct a horror movie, what sub-genre would it be part of?
  2. If you could erase one horror flick from your mind, what would it be?
  3. Do you have a problem with nudity or sex in horror films?
  4. Do you have a favourite music score from a horror film?
  5. What are the best settings for a horror film?
  6. Are there any guys or girls that you have an attraction to in any films in the horror genre?
  7. Is there any specific scary film you watch every Halloween?
  8. If you were to write or direct a horror, what would you change or put in to refresh the genre?
  9. Which scary film gave you the most nightmares?
  10. Would you count horror as one of your favourite movie genres?