I wrote about my favourite female characters in horror so it seemed only right to discuss the men in the horror. In particular the scary guys who torment the characters and the audience. Before I talk about two of the guys that creep me out in horror movies, I must thank Andrew for giving me the idea for this post in my comment section. Thank you Andrew for your great and inspiring words. I have chosen two because if I where to talk about them all, I’d be here all day. Back to the post and here are the duo of men who know how to chill.

Pinhead- The Hellraiser series:


The leader of the ambiguous Cenobites, Pinhead is the most memorable of his kind due to his eloquence and terrifying appearance. I mean, who doesn’t find the guy terrifying to look at? The fact that he isn’t actually the main villain per say adds more dimension to his character, though when he gets savage, you know about it. A truly frightening creation if ever there was one.

Ghostface- The Scream Movies:

ghostfaceThe memorable mask and outfit are just two of the things that make this antagonist a menace. As if that wasn’t enough, whoever it is depending on the film, has a sick enjoyment out of taunting and playing games with their potential victims. Better be clued up on horror knowledge if you want to survive a call like that.

I must ask as well, which guys in the films give you the creeps? Drop your comments in the reply section for a good talk.