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Film Title

Out of Sight


Steven Soderbergh


  • George Clooney as Jack Foley
  • Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco
  • Ving Rhames as Buddy
  • Steve Zahn as Glenn Michaels
  • Don Cheadle as Maurice ‘Snoopy’ Miller
  • Albert Brooks as Richard Ripley
  • Dennis Farina as Marshall Sisco
  • Luis Guzman as Chino

A sterling crime romance, with lashings of humour tossed in, Out of Sight as directed by the great Steven Soderbergh is an eccentric, adroit and sexy movie that is filled with unpredictability and wit. Sparkling and burning chemistry between George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez forms the electricity of this sizzling Elmore Leonard adaptation that is fast-paced and riotously entertaining.

Jack Foley is a bank robber who rather than using weapons or force, employs his wit and considerable charms to make off with money. But his good luck changes when he is finally arrested after the car he was trying to get away in stalls. Out of Sight Movie PosterSentenced to a long jail sentence, Jack quickly plots an escape with his right hand man on the outside Buddy, and proceeds to piggyback on another escape by a group of fellow prisoners. While breaking out of prison, it is witnessed by tough federal marshal Karen Sisco, who Jack and Buddy are forced to kidnap so she doesn’t raise attention as they make a getaway. Locked in the trunk with each other, Jack and Karen find a strong sexual pulse between them, despite them being on different sides of the law. Now while there is an obvious heat, Karen still takes the time to escape when the occasion arises, using Jack and Buddy’s unreliable tag along thief Glenn to help her unwittingly after he meets them half way through the journey. Jack and BuddyJack and Buddy continue on in their journey to Detroit in their plan to steal uncut diamonds from a prisoner they both knew who foolishly spoke of his stash of riches, but smooth Jack can’t stop thinking about the chance encounter with Karen and for her the feelings are reciprocated despite her better judgment. She remains on Jack’s tail, while wrestling with whether she wants to bring him in or sleep with him. Meanwhile, the always stoned blabber mouth Glenn had also been mixed up with the vicious and mercurial ex-con Maurice ‘Snoopy’ Miller, who also wants to get the diamonds for himself and is not above cold-blooded murder to do so. With both groups of criminals vying to achieve this big score, and with Karen and Jack finding their feelings for each other getting stronger, how will all of this mayhem come to a head and what will become of them all? To spoil that would be a big sin, but I’ll say that things get eventful extremely quickly.

Steven Soderbergh has to be one of my favourite directors out there and with Out of Sight, it’s a dazzling display of his talent that represents one of his finest hours. Playing with intricate flashbacks that establish character motivations, a fine balance between romance and amusing action and some very cool freeze frames, Soderbergh is on fire here for all of us to witness. He clearly relishes directing this flick and imprints his highly visual sense of storytelling on the hard-boiled but witty plot; making sure that it isn’t overly goofy and employing sudden moments of violence to add to the sense of danger already generated first by the attraction between Jack and Karen.Out of Sight Trunk Scene One of the standout scenes for me is the trunk scene; bathed in red and intimately shot which acts as an unusual first date under strange circumstances that sets in motion the dangerous fire between Jack and Karen, as they make conversation and discover an inescapable mutual desire. The other standout us the inter cut one between Jack and Karen as they flirt and play with fire, while in corresponding shots undress and give into passion against a snow-covered backdrop of Detroit. Out of Sight moves at such a quick pace that brings out the enjoyment and devilish thrills, but thankfully doesn’t sacrifice character development or amusing banter. A witty script has the lines and rapport between characters held to a high standard the whole way through Out of Sight, giving it another impressive weapon in its arsenal. A seriously groovy and retro flavoured score brings the entertainment and right mood to Out of Sight, imbuing the film with a slick and cheeky sound and atmosphere.

George Clooney is an irresistible screen presence as the laid back Jack, who can charm just about anyone but meets his match in the curvaceous form of Karen. Clooney owns the cool persona of the character and it’s impossible not to be taken in by this guy and his smile. Jennifer Lopez delightfully spars with Clooney, crafting Karen as a tough, sassy but with a touch of humour character, trying to decipher what to do with Jack once she catches up with him. George Clooney and Jennifer LopezAnd you can’t ask for a better chemistry than the one that Clooney and Lopez share here, which is supremely hot stuff. Dancing a dangerous tango akin to a sexy game of cat and mouse, as their loyalties and ideals get in the way, they form a sensual centre to Out of Sight that ignites the screen with a seductive flame. Ving Rhames has some hysterically funny lines in his performance as Jack’s right hand man and criminal with a conscience Buddy, who is baffled by Jack’s infatuation with Karen as it poses jeopardy to their plan. A scene stealing Steve Zahn appears as the permanently stoned hapless thief, who desperately wants to be hip but fails almost all the time. Decked out in dark sunglasses(even when it’s night) and an array of shaggy coats, Zahn has real fun playing this character who joins the rogue gallery of colourful characters found in Out of Sight. Don Cheadle has the right manic tendencies and off the wall personality to play the crazed Snoopy, who is someone you really don’t want to get mixed up with. Filling the other eccentric and amusing characters with style are Albert Brooks, Dennis Farina and Luis Guzman, who show customary greatness in their respective supporting roles.

Stylishly directed by Steven Soderbergh( in my view this is one of his best movies), exceedingly well cast and executed with the right amount of humour and thrills, Out of Sight is energetic movie making that burns with sexiness and colourful events that ensure you won’t forget it in a hurry.