I thought it would be good for me to list what I’ve been watching of late, but not as reviews but little snippets of information and feelings. A lot of what I talk about watching will no doubt later become reviews for my site. So everyone keep your eyes posted for some of the things that I list here. That isn’t to say that I will definitely be reviewing everything I talk about, but they will no doubt influence future content.

So lately I’ve been watching:

Mad Men:

I completed the show last night and wow is the word. I was so immersed in the show and didn’t want it to end. Mad Men truly is one of my favourite shows and one of the most stylish and well-written series to be aired.

The works of Zalman King:

The purveyor of the erotic genre, Zalman King’s movies and also television work may be sniffed at by some, but I’ve fully been digging them. Recently I got a copy of Season 1 of Red Shoe Diaries, and it’s really hot stuff. And that’s saying something, with the weather where I am warm, I’ve needed to take a few showers after watching some of the steamy antics.

Period Dramas:

I’ll freely admit to being a fan of period dramas. I find that exploring the way people used to live and the historical context highly intriguing. Plus, production wise period dramas always look so beautiful and well-designed, yet the best ones never forget a good narrative or characters.

I’ll be sure to do many more posts like this in the future so feel free to leave me some feedback.