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Natalie Portman 2016The wonderfully talented and beautiful Natalie Portman turns 35 today and I want to wish her a happy birthday. There is something about Natalie Portman that is hard to not like; she just has a lot of charisma and a hell of a lot of talent. Bursting onto the scene at the age of 12 with her role in Leon, Portman showcased a startling maturity. This depth has translated well to her later roles and is one of the reasons I love her so much as an actress. She really gets into the character and can say so much without the use of dialogue, her dark eyes can convey more than many can in a long monologue. She has truly grown before our eyes into a fully-fledged star, who chooses her films wisely and is always up for a challenge or two. With Natalie Portman, I just know she will deliver a fine performance and looking through her credits she most certainly does. What an amazing actress she truly is!