Anyone who has read my blog for a long time will notice that I like movies and television shows with strong female characters. This post I will talk about why. The main reason I seem to respond to strong women in movies and television is due to my upbringing. My mother is a particularly strong woman who has always had an influence on me. Just watching her and the way she would do anything for me, my brother and my father was inspiring. My mum is a strong woman who I greatly admire for her courage, ability to imbue me with a sense of chivalry and emotional strength. And then there is my Grandmother, who is still alive and kicking. She instilled me with a respect and honesty that continues through today. So whenever I see a strong female character who won’t take no bull, I am reminded of my mother and grandma. So this post is a real tribute to these wonderful women in my life, who have shaped my existence. Hail all the inspiring women out there, you all rule.

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