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This will be the first of a series of posts where I talk about the TV I’ve indulged in. The first one is the awesome White Collar, a slick and stylish crime caper that I’m watching after only catching glimpses of it when it was airing. Now with the full box set, I can watch it to my heart’s content and from the very beginning. The plot is centered around Neal Caffrey(Matt Bomer), a former art thief who strikes a deal with FBI agent Peter Burke(Tim DeKay), in order to avoid going back to prison. In exchange for this Neal helps out Peter with uncovering specific cases that are suited to his skills in the arts of forgery, theft and just about every other crime. The main crux of these posts will be me listing what I love about the show, mainly 3 things.

Number one: Neal Caffrey-

Neal Caffrey
The suave slick cool cat who the show revolves around, Caffrey is a great character. With his suave knowledge and winning grin, you can’t help but smile when he’s on the screen. Matt Bomer plays him to perfection and the character becomes so much more likable thanks to him in the part. He’s the guy that men want to be and woman want to know. What’s not to love?

Number Two: The Bromance –

Neal and Peter
Neal and Peter have a complicated relationship that walks a tightrope between trust and deception. Though they often clash, there is definite friendship there and you sense that they may drive each other crazy, but they can always rely on the other. The fact that they are opposites helps; Peter is a rule follower, whereas charismatic Neal is not above using his past in the conning business to an advantage. Their scenes together bristle with wit and Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay make an amusing duo.

The style:

From the quick cuts of glamorous New York that often bookend episodes to the wardrobe of Neal, White Collar prides itself on style. I mean I really need to get me a slick suit and Trilby to do my best Neal impression for all the ladies out there.

I hope people have liked this new feature of mine and I hope it goes down well.