Monica BellucciA stunning international siren of beauty and talent, Monica Bellucci is the definition of a woman that will stop you in your tracks and today she turns 51. Yet there is a whole lot of talent and depth to her in her acting work that I think often goes unnoticed because of her stunning appearance. Her acting for me is all about shaded subtlety and nuance, she doesn’t need any big shouting scenes as she can say so much just with her face. Bellucci for me is just an all round personality, she has a sense of humour in interviews, her speaking voice is so mellifluous to listen to and she just exudes star quality. And I for one can’t wait to see her in the next Bond movie Spectre. So here is a photographic look at her wonderful career to celebrate her birthday.

Monica Bellucci Close Up

Monica Bellucci Black and White

Monica Bellucci Cat Suit

Monica Bellucci Topless

Monica Bellucci Flowers

Monica Bellucci Gorgeous

Monica Bellucci Leather Dress