Hi everyone, today is the arrival of a new feature on my blog. Besides movies and televisions, photography is another one of my passions. So I decided to begin a series of posts that discuss and analyse the work of famous photographers. Today is the turn of Ellen Von Unwerth.

Now the first thing I always notice about a photo from Ellen Von Unwerth is the candour of it. Rather than the always glamorous sheen of Hollywood that hangs over many a photo shoot, her photos have an edge to them that refuses to conform to the rules. She features her subjects doing everyday things and captures them almost unvarnished and heavily made up, giving her shots a certain messy quality that goes against the grain. Sexuality plays a big part of her work. Fantasies and fetishes play out through her shots, with humour covering a number of them and aggression forming another. Her work celebrates the female form in sexual terms as well as a sense of control, that doesn’t feel exploitative. She gets her subjects to live in front of the camera and not just be motionless and pouting. So there are my thoughts on her work and below are some of her shots. What do you make of them? Do they make you interested in her work? Whatever the case, please leave an opinion.

Emma Watson Ellen Von Unwerth

Lana Del Rey Ellen Von Unwerth

Olga Kurylenko Ellen Von Unwerth

Claudia Schiffer Ellen Von Unwerth

Natalie Portman Ellen Von Unwerth

Liv Tyler Ellen Von Unwerth

Madonna Ellen Von Unwerth

Drew Barrymore Ellen Von Unwerth