DevilThis post is part of Devil Week, courtesy of the amazing Eric. As I couldn’t find a movie I’d reviewed containing the word devil, I thought I’d do something else. I decided to use my alter ego Satrap as inspiration and right a devilish post. Warning people, this post will be somewhat sexual so if you’re easily offended please look away now.

Satrap could hear the cheers from backstage and it excited him. Friday night was the guarantee that it would be a packed crowd and the signs weren’t wrong .All of these screaming ladies where here just for him, the star attraction and fulfilling fantasies. And tonight it would be scorching because of his new outfit. A devil cape, horns and a nifty red leather thong was the regalia in question and Satrap had a feeling it would be well-received by his adoring audience.

“And please welcome to the stage, your very own devilish dynamo, Satrap” came the call from his hype announcer Emmy.

Satrap slinked onto the stage with purpose and sexual aggression. The screams erupted as cougars fanned themselves with money at the sight of this Adonis. The music began blaring and the raunchy routine began. Satrap moved his hips from side to side, making sure that the audience got a decent look at his peachy bum. His scarlet cape whirled around like a dervish as a smile of satisfaction crept onto his face. Spicing things up, he slowly removed the cape and threw it into the adoring and fawning crowd. The girl who grabbed hold of it looked like she was going to faint because of her excitement. Satrap rubbed his well-defined hands across his muscled chest and began to grind like there was no tomorrow.

The routine began to gather momentum as a new song began. The sweat was pouring as the bright lights shone down on the specimen of masculinity, giving pleasure to those around him. A girl at the front row was beckoned by Satrap with a come hither finger as she approached him. Gently taking her hands, he navigated her fingers across his abs as she smiled with passion. Her hands moveds lower and she slapped his peach of a bum with excitedly. His buttocks waggled in unison to this action as he seductively slipped her back in her seat.

“Come on now Satrap” Emmy shouted with enthusiasm. “You know what everyone here came for”.

Satrap knew exactly what she meant and slowly but surely the red leather thong was lowered as he faced the back of the stage. The red leather slid down his legs like a snake and eventually hit the floor. Now Satrap thought it was time for the finale. He spun around, his hands covering his penis and then threw his hands in the air, revealing his manhood for the audience. The screaming reached fever pitch as money was thrown on the stage and Satrap shook his member between his legs, letting it slap his thighs with intention. It would appear that his devilish idea had payed dividends and now he was the sex god if ever there was one.Β The lights on Satrap dimmed as the roaring applause and screams rang out loudly, and he quickly assembled what money he could find in his space. It was another job well done for the Satrap of Sin.