Here’s my entry for Shitfest. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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Shitfest Summer 2015: Magic Mike(2012)

A quick disclaimer before I begin my first entry into Shitfest. This review is written from the differing points of view of two people; the articulate and imaginative Vinnie that you all know and love, and his virile, x-rated Adonis of an alter ego The Satrap of Sin, who is if you haven’t guessed it a male stripper. With Vinnie’s take, you’ll get the usual highly descriptive and critical work of a film reviewer. With Satrap, you may get a little extra and maybe a raunchy tale or two. I would like to thank Zoe, Table 9 Mutant and Eric for giving me the inspiration for this alter ego and I hope this review can be revealing enough for you all and as dirty as can be.

Vinnie’s Take:

Well what’s there to say? Magic Mike is for lack of a better…

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