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This post is part of a blogathon orchestrated by the amazing Jordan Dodd. It is to showcase the outstanding work of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. For me, he was an acting chameleon who could shift into any genre or any character no matter what.  The performance of his that I’ve chosen to highlight is in Along Came Polly.

Along Came Polly is a film I really don’t like, it just isn’t my kind of movie at all. The focus is meant to be on Ben Stiller overcoming his wife cheating on him by beginning to date kooky Jennifer Aniston. As a film, it is weak and unconvincing but the one good thing in it is Philip Seymour Hoffman. He portrays Stiller’s best friend Sandy Lyle, a former child star who is past it but still holding onto the glory of his youth.Sandy Lyle Hoffman just brings so much enjoyable energy, geeky charm and one-liners to the part. His basketball scene in which he showcases his inability to score a single shot is hysterically funny to watch and his call for timeout is a hoot. His impassioned speech to Stiller’s colleagues after he has to step in is filled with deep humour and gift. He tries to make a comeback in Jesus Christ Superstar and still thinks the whole play is featured on him. Even though the part is supposed to just be the witty sidekick to Stiller, Hoffman makes it much more than that with hysterical results. I really can’t fault Hoffman in this film as he takes what is a really bad movie and gives it something memorable. I think I still quote certain phrases from his character here, such as “Let it rain”.

Thanks for this opportunity to do this Jordan. I really enjoyed highlighting the great work of Hoffman and this blogathon is really neat. Everyone please check out Jordan’s amazing and insightful blog as you will not regret it.