Dragon's Loyalty AwardI think I’m going through awards season at the minute, because they keep flooding my way. This time it is courtesy of the wonderful Reut, who runs a witty, charming and all round fabulous blog. She has awarded me my second Dragon’s Loyalty Award. And I am super grateful to her for this as she is such a lovely blogger whose work always delights me.

So more facts about me:

  1. I dig most things that are supernatural in tone or theme.
  2. Apples are my favourite fruit.
  3. I always seem to research pieces of music that I hear in trailers.
  4. Loyalty is a quality I admire in people.
  5. I usually don’t care about the running time of a movie, just as long as it keeps me entertained.
  6. I believe that everyone has something beautiful or special about them.
  7. I was never the biggest fan of chemistry in school, out of the science subjects, biology was the one that interested me the most.
  8. I have recently begun to discover the wonders of Blu-Ray.

Here are the five nominees:

  1. Khalid
  2. Laura
  3. MIB
  4. Mikey
  5. Grog’s Movie Blog