The Versatile Blogger AwardWow, another award. Seriously this blog is turning out to be like one Oscar hungry beast. This time, I have been nominated for my sixth Versatile Blogger Award, courtesy of Ashley over at Box Office Buzz. Please check her site out as it rocks beyond all comprehension.

Now for facts about me. Seriously I need to brush up on my self-evaluation to make sure I can come up with interesting facts about me for all of you.

  1. I’ve been known to be very cynical at times.
  2. I believe that everyone has a dark side to them.
  3. My three favourite actresses of the moment are Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore and Marion Cotillard.
  4. My eyes are a strange mix of blue and green.
  5. I do believe that weather can affect a person.
  6. I’m a fan of using alliteration when writing.
  7. As of this minute, I am watching England vs New Zealand in cricket.

Now for my five lucky nominees.

  1. Impossible Girl
  2. Table 9 Mutant
  3. Things I Like And Then Run
  4. Jenny In NeverlandΒ 
  5. Transforming Life Now

I must say I feel so overwhelmed receiving all of these awards, you guys are the best.