Thanks Tom for featuring me on this list and the kind words. Anyone who hasn’t checked out Tom’s blog, please do as you won’t regret it.

Thomas J

It’s been too long since I’ve switched out of writing mode and just put up a post here that actually addresses the community of which this blog (and by extension, I) have become a part over the last several years. The goal of this quick little post is simple — to say thank-you.

I want to draw your attention to one of the pages above the banner, the DSB Blogroll. It’s a section of the page I have been doing a pretty terrible job updating up until recently and I just wanted to make you all aware that your hard work on your blogs have not gone unnoticed here. I also want to doubly make sure that I have not left anyone’s work/pages/blogs/sites off that ever-expanding list. So, if you wouldn’t mind scrolling through that 160-some-odd list of blogs — a lot of which sadly have closed up shop and…

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