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After reading a post over at Zoe’s featuring images of actors in suits for the female population to drool over, it gave me the idea to do a post about ladies in suits for the guys out there. A woman in a suit can be something of immense beauty and sexuality, and so without further ado, here are images of some stunning actresses rocking a suit.

Angelina Jolie Suit

First we have Angelina Jolie, showcasing her toned body with edge and sex appeal.

Monica Bellucci Suit

Italian siren Monica Bellucci is a vision of sophistication and earthy sexuality in this number.

Cate Blanchett SuitRegal Cate Blanchett shows us her statuesque beauty and commanding persona.

Charlize Theron Suit

Stunner Charlize Theron brings carefree but sexy strength to this suit with a nonchalant pose and steely eyes.

Emma Watson Suit

The delightful Emma Watson brings some old-school glamour to this, with just a hint of sexiness beneath it.

Milla Jovovich Suit

Milla Jovovich is a seductive sex kitten in this revealing suit, that puts the sex appeal into suits.

Penelope Cruz SuitThe sultry beauty of Penélope Cruz is very apparent in this snap that shows of her killer body and undeniable gorgeousness.

Scarlett Johansson SuitScarlett Johansson is buxom and businesslike in this outfit, which gives her the look of a sultry secretary.

And with all these beautiful women for the guys, I had to include a photo of a handsome guy for the ladies out there. Prepare to drool my blogging sisters. I’m feeling generous again ladies so here’s another guy to fight over in all his masculine glory. In case any of you are wondering who it is, I believe his name is David Gandy, a male model who from what I’ve heard sends the pulses of women racing everywhere.

David Gandy