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Lost Season 4 castLost Season 3 proved to be a lesser season to the two that came before it because of the story becoming a little too complicated for its own good. As season 3 went on it gathered momentum and delivered a great finale. Season 4 carries on this momentum and emerges as a superior season to the last with a twisting story. Warning, spoilers will follow in this overview.

To recap,Jack(Matthew Fox) and the rest of the survivors made contact with an alleged freighter for rescue, despite the warnings from John Locke(Terry O’Quinn) and the nefarious Ben(Michael Emerson). Before Charlie died, he managed to inform Desmond(Henry Ian Cusick) that the rescuers were not as good as they seem. This message when relayed to the survivors forges a split in camps as Jack leads those who believe in the rescue and Locke leading the camp that wants to hide. Kate(Evangeline Lilly), Juliet(Elizabeth Mitchell), who has finally chosen her side after much enigma, Desmond, Sun(Yunjin Kim) , Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sayid(Naveen Andrews) side with Jack. Whereas a devastated Hurley(Jorge Garcia), Claire(Emilie de Ravin) Ben and Sawyer(Josh Holloway) choose to go with Locke. We are then introduced to the mysterious members of the alleged rescuers: the awkward physicist Daniel Faraday(Jeremy Davies), the hot-headed medium Miles(Ken Leung), secretive anthropologist Charlotte Lewis(Rebecca Mader) and pilot Frank Lapidus(Jeff Fahey) . It appears that rescue isn’t the only part of their plan as they are actually looking for Ben as well. The man behind this is Charles Widmore, the disapproving father of Penny, who wants to locate the island for his own personal greed. The series also gives us an insight into the futures of characters, in revealing and innovative flash forwards which reveal the members who left the island. Among the stories, Jack has become depressed and turned to drink before attempting to clear his act up in order to get Kate back, Hurley is haunted by visions of Charlie, Kate is caring for baby Aaron and Sayid works as a hitman for none other than Ben. These little glimpses show us how the island seems to have a hold on them despite them leaving and how it is trying to lure them back to the mysterious place. As the struggle for power continues, who will survive as mystery deepens, tensions rise and a familiar face returns? All will be revealed as Season 4, although brief in length, captures the mystery of your imagination and refuses to let go. Lost factions

Season 4 may be very short, which occurred because of the Writer’s Strike at the time of airing, but it still manages to be gripping television.The animosity between the two factions is amazing to watch, especially in the scene in which they disperse in the pouring rain. Locke and Jack are very much at loggerheads again in their battle for leadership and the way that this is written proves for excellent and emotionally involving viewing.The script is tighter than some of Season 3 and manages to flesh out the conflicted emotions that begin to run high as result of the split and the various motivations for this. The flash forwards prove immensely interesting and eye-opening as we witness some of the experiences of the people who escaped the island and how the presence of their time on it have left them haunted by its spectre. We still get the occasional flashbacks to their time before the island, but the flash forwards make for more compelling viewing. Strong visuals and camerawork give this season a sense of immediacy as our characters navigate their way through uncertain motivations and divided minds. The atmosphere is heightened by the stunning and often enigmatic score that is utilised to excellent effect in this mysterious and mind-bending show. I also found the scenes with Sayid and Desmond on the boat riveting because of the mysterious bouts of cabin fever that resulted in violent consequences and the reintroduction of Michael into the series.The concept of time travel is brought into fruition with Desmond, who begins to experiences flashes of the past and is only able to return if something remains constant. His constant is his unwavering love for Penny. Lost Desmond phone call to PennyThis culminates in an emotional phone call to his beloved that will leave you in tears and ranks as one of the most emotionally rewarding and heartfelt scenes in the series. Everything about this scene is structured so well and really adds to the emotion driven storylines that occupy Lost, especially the amazing acting by Henry Ian Cusick. Another emotional moment is the death of Danielle Rousseau and eventually her daughter Alex by the mercenaries from the boat. I really thought that their reunion in the last season was touching, which makes their respective deaths all the more tragic.

As with before, the wide ensemble cast is exemplary. Matthew Fox shows us how Jack has gone from original stabilizer of the group to driven and slightly dogmatic leader of his section of followers who is now in battle with Locke for supremacy. Terry O’Quinn is always riveting as the ever-changing Locke, who becomes more aggressive and goes full on ‘Colonel Kurtz’ as Sawyer so eloquently puts it.Speaking of Sawyer, Josh Holloway continues with his sarcastic delivery but also finds sympathy and new depths within this character. Michael Emerson impresses as the manipulative Ben, who becomes something of an unlikely ally to the survivors with his knowledge of the intentions of the supposed rescuers and who is behind it. He informs the group that he has a spy on the boat, who is later revealed to be Michael(Harold Perrineau), who we last saw betraying his friends to get Walt back. Harold Perrineau subtly shows Michael’s journey from broken man on the verge of suicide to one who wants to be redeemed for his past misdeeds. His eventual death completes his quest for redemption in spectacular fashion. Jorge Garcia provides emotional depth and humour as the ever lovable Hurley, while Naveen Andrews excels with Sayid’s arc. Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim quietly portray the love between Sun and Jin and the way they have overcome the various barriers standing in their way. Evangeline Lilly continues to be impressive as resourceful Kate and she has some excellent scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell, who portrays Juliet. Lost Juliet and Jack kissMitchell gets to show us the warmth and compassion behind Juliet’s outward appearance and her budding relationship with Jack makes for interesting viewing as we wonder how it will pan out and whether Jack will be with Juliet or Kate. The newer characters are well written and add different dimensions to the show. Jeremy Davies is suitably nervy yet highly intelligent as Daniel, while Ken Leung portrays the sarcastic and insular Miles. Rebecca Mader adds mystery and toughness as Charlotte and Jeff Fahey gets some amazing and funny one-liners as the cranky pilot Frank.

With red herrings a plenty and emotion driven stories, Lost Season 4 is an enthralling entry into this saga from unexpected beginning to exhilarating finale.