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Spin off blogathonI recently came across the announcement for a blogathon. It is hosted by the talented Sati over at Cinematic Corner and it is entitled the Spin-Off Blogathon. The idea is to choose a minor character from a movie or TV show who you would like to see in a lead role. Explain why you have chosen the character and what you think a movie would be like with them as the lead character.

My choice is Lirio (Assumpta Serna) from The Craft.

MCDCRAF EC009The Craft is a movie I discovered years ago that I have always enjoyed watching. It tells of four outsiders; Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle who dabble in witchcraft and the gradual emergence of Nancy spiralling out of control  in a power struggle with Sarah. The first glimpse of Lirio is when the girls take Sarah to the witchcraft shop that she owns. Lirio notices that Sarah is different from the other girls, in that she doesn’t steal and means well as a person. From the first time we see Lirio, there is a mystery surrounding her. On one hand she is kind and wise, yet there is a sense that she shouldn’t be crossed by anyone. Lirio warns the girls about the dangers of invoking the powerful deity they worship, and describes that “Pure magic is neither black or white. It is both because nature is both, loving and cruel all at the same time”. Out of the girls, Sarah listens to her message about the consequences of magic coming back on someone. Later on in the movie, she helps Sarah come to terms with her power after Nancy begins to torment her. She emerges as the guiding light towards Sarah’s salvation and arising as a powerful witch.

Lirio is mysterious, exotic and quietly powerful as a character. Her wise words may be wasted on the other girls, but they are soon proven right as magic comes back times three. I think that Lirio would make a great leading character. She is enigmatic and wise, yet there is a danger surrounding her. She exhibits power that she seems to subdue in times when it is needed. Lirio would be great as a character in a prequel to The Craft. We could learn about her past and how she came to be a witch. How powerful is she? Why does she take a liking to Sarah? All of these unanswered enigmas could be explained in great detail if a prequel was honed.Perhaps we would see the powers that she often conceals and the reasons she suppresses them. Assumpta Serna is a gifted actress who portrays warmth and passion whilst also suggesting the hidden depths of this wise and powerful woman. Her role may be small in the movie, but Lirio makes a lasting impact that is deeply felt throughout the course of it.

I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this blogathon and I want to thank the amazing Sati for setting it up.