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With my last post revolving around the Queen of Pop proving popular, I decided to do another post about another aspect of her music. In this post I’m asking what is your favourite album by Madonna. Do you prefer her early 80’s stuff such as Like A Virgin and True Blue?   Do the confessional tones of Like a Prayer provide you with a good listen? Or do you like the more electronic and reflective side of Ray of Light? Whatever your answer or opinion, please give it.

        My three choices of her best albums would be;

True Blue- The album that truly announced Madonna as a superstar and featured some of her best work up until that date.

Erotica- One of her most underrated records, partly because of the highly sexual content, this is actually an interesting listen, combining dark grooves, some effective ballads and shocks. An underrated gem in the Madonna canon.

Ray of light- This is the album in which I think Madonna sounds her best, both sonically and vocally. Influenced by the burgeoning techno scene and the recent birth of her daughter, the record is a rewarding and emotionally honest triumph.