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I’ve decided to continue my question posts , but this time on another theme than movies. My second love after movies is music, I can’t imagine a world without it.

Anyway back to the post, each week I will be asking in these posts something about a specific artist or group. Today is Madonna, who I’m told turned 54 yesterday. Her career has been going for so long and in that time she has accumulated high record sales with her brand of catchy music, overt sexuality, accomplished dancing and innumerable image changes. So have a think out of her long and varied music catalogue, what song stands out for you the most?

     Of the top of my head these would be favourite songs of her’s;

La isla bonita- Madonna’s tribute to a beautiful island accomponied by a memorable chorus and Spanish influence.

Live to tell- One of Madonna’s first ventures into ballads, this remains one of her most effective because of the emotion of her voice and the enigmatic lyrics.

Frozen- Backed by influences of techno and Eastern instrumentation, this is one of those songs that really creates an atmosphere whenever I listen to it.