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Sometimes a debut performance by a rising star can go unnoticed, but in some cases there are debuts that transform careers and announce the arrival of a whole new talent. I am writing this post as I have seen quite a few debut performances that really stuck in my memory. So have a think about which debuts had an impact on you and why?In case people out there are struggling to remember debut performances, I will list some of the ones that I consider very memorable:

Mathilde Leon

Natalie Portman as Mathilde, a young girl who wishes to avenge her families murder and is taken in by a hit man in Leon.

Aaron Stampler


Edward Norton as Aaron Stampler, a stuttering altar boy accused of murder in Primal Fear.

Benjamin Braddock

Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, a college graduate who begins an affair with an attractive older woman in The Graduate.

Bess McNeill

Emily Watson as Bess McNeill, a devoutly religious woman who takes other partners at the wish of her paralysed husband in Breaking the Waves.

Whoopi Goldberg as Celie Harris, a poor girl who must overcome adversityCelie Harris, prejudice and abuse in The Color Purple.