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Personally, I believe you need music in a film. It can bring out emotions on-screen and create atmosphere. Here are a few of my favourite soundtracks and scores.

The Piano

Michael Nyman’s score builds with evocative and melancholy abandon helping accentuate the main themes of the Jane Campion film. The main theme is a beautifully constructed thing of beauty that leaves you feeling like you are on a journey.

The Hours

Philip Glass’ score is like life itself, filled with both joy and heartbreak. The score is like a rumination on the complexities of the human mind and the various vicissitudes that life inflicts upon us. A haunting and poetic listen.

The Secret Garden

Zbigniew Preisner’s score brims with a perfect sense of period drama. The music helps explore the themes of awakening in the soul and spiritual redemption, whilst also capturing a childlike sensibility.

Doctor Zhivago

Maurice Jarre’s memorable soundtrack to the epic love story set against the Russian Revolution is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. It stays in my head whenever I hear it. Just hearing the beginning of the lilting “Lara’s Theme” transports me to a snow covered Russia.

Part 2 will follow shortly